We are thrilled to welcome Rick Darke as Nantucket Garden Festival's 2017 keynote presenter. 

Darke's work is grounded in an observational ethic and is devoted to the design and stewardship of living landscapes. With a vision that blends art, ecology, and cultural geography, Darke's projects include parks, scenic byways, transportation corridors, corporate and collegiate campuses, conservation developments, post industrial brownfields, botanic gardens and residential landscapes.

His latest book, Gardens of the High Line, due out in June, is a collaboration with one of world's most innovative garden designers and a leading exponent of naturalistic planting, Piet Oudolf.

Darke has studied and photographed North American plants in diverse habitats for nearly 40 years, and this experience is reflected in his articles and books including The American Woodland Garden: Capturing the Spirit of the Deciduous Forest and The Living Landscape: Desigining for Beauty and Biodiversity in the Home Garden (co-authored with Doug Tallamy).  A broadly knowledgeable botanist and horticulturist, Darke has traveled extensively in both hemispheres exploring diverse ecologies and cultural landscapes in search of ideas to enrich the global garden. He has been photographing and studying the High Line since 2002.

Internationally recognized for his work and books on the use of grasses in managed landscapes, Darke has also been studying North America's indigenous and introduced flora for many decades. His projects include parks, public gardens, transportation corridors and post-industrial brown fields. 

Darke's keynote workshop will be on Wednesday, July 19th from 1:30-3:30PM. Stay tuned for ticket information for this event.