Gordon Hayward: The Inevitable Garden

  • HOSTED BY POLLY ESPY 4 New Dollar Lane Nantucket, MA, 02554 United States


A garden with a soul, clarity, varied emotions and an (un)self-conscious design, (and a feeling of inevitability) comes out of the fusion of three key elements as they pass through the mind and emotions of the designers:

The people who live in and care for the garden and whose style and life stories are embedded in the design.

The style, layout, materials and history of the interior as well as exterior of the house and or buildings associated with the garden.

The land, its features, its history and its light. Light and shadow illuminate everything.

This lecture uses a handful of images of fine European and American architecture and gardens and explores these elements in the context of a Nantucket garden.

About Gordon Hayward:

Gordon has been designing gardens professionally from his home in southern Vermont since 1985 with particular emphasis on gardens in the Northeast, as well as the Eastern Shore of Maryland, though he does work nationwide.

He is a nationally recognized garden writer and lecturer. He wrote for Horticulture Magazine for 25 years and lectured with the magazine on nine multi-city lecture tours across America. He was a contributing editor at Fine Gardening Magazine for six years and a contributing editor at the newly revamped Organic Gardening Magazine. Gordon is the author of eleven books on garden design, two of which have won national awards.